Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Card for Uncle

I found this design in Card Maker Magazine, as well. Stamps are just not my friend! Why can't I keep them from smudging or only partially stamping on my paper? Sheesh.

Birthday Card for Grandmother

I found the design for this card in a magazine...think it was Card Maker Magazine? It's hard to learn origami via written instructions!! But I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I think next time I might not take a picture of pink paper on top of a pink cutting mat, though!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Aisle Runner (my own wedding)

This was all kinds of fun to try to create in an apartment! Yeesh! Talk about not having nearly enough room to spread out!

A plain white aisle runner from Michaels, some satin navy ribbon, and some stencils and paint and here we go! We have ourselves a custom made aisle runner!

Wedding Gift Boxes (my own wedding)

I made tags for the gift boxes we put the groomsmen's gifts in. (this one was just opened, hence the loose ribbon)

Wedding Card (my own wedding)

One of my earliest attempts at a card was the card I made to give to my future husband on our wedding day. I was still learning how to use my Cricut, so it was tough!

Wedding Vases (my own wedding)

These were the vases we used for our wedding! Love them! I designed them with ribbon and rhinestone decorations and a couple blue floralytes.

Wedding Card Box (my own wedding)

I wanted our card box to look like gift boxes, since our wedding was near Christmas.

Wedding Table Tent Cards (my own wedding)

These were our table tent cards. The backs of the cards had cute ice breaker questions just for fun!

Wedding Taxi Cab Cards (my own wedding)

This was an idea I found on another bride's site that I liked not because I thought many of my guests would NEED to get a cab...but because I hoped it would be just a small way to show them all I love them and want them to be safe and sound.

I again followed the same style and design as my wedding invites.

Wedding Camera Scavenger Hunt (my own wedding)

I love scavenger hunts! And I love photos, too! So to incorporate a fun game with a way to get photos that my guests took? Love it!! My MOM really went to town with this, even! She's not a shutterbug by any means, but she took a camera with her everywhere for this! LOL

Again I used the same format and style as I had used for my wedding invitations.

Wedding Menus (my own wedding)

I created our menus for the reception, even though it was a buffet. I was having a little too much fun with all the ideas I kept finding all over the place! I used the same format and style as I used for my wedding invitations and the club staff tucked them nice and neat into the napkins for us!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding Day Ceremony Seat Signs (my own wedding)

There are some incredibly creative brides out there and thankfully they were happy to share their brilliant ideas with the world! Sadly, I don't remember the names of their websites, but I thank them for their inspiration to help me come up with these pretty seat signs for the ceremony!

Wedding Car Mirror Hangers (my own wedding)

I am a big believer in "Don't drink and drive", so when I found another bride's website where she had created these awesome tags to hang on the side mirror's of her guest's cars during the reception...I just HAD to do them!  (Glad it didn't rain)

Wedding Napkins (my own wedding)

A last minute idea I just had to try out...home made monogramed napkins! I was making these at the last hour, so hubby was about ready to kill me for wanting to do yet another project! hehe

Wedding Water Bottles (my own wedding)

We put water bottles in each traveling guest's welcome bag. Because I can never just leave anything alone and hand them a simple water bottle, I found some templates to make water bottle labels myself!

Wedding Day Programs (my own wedding)

I got the idea for these from Martha Stewart's website. This was my first time learning how to use heat embossing. Trial by fire, for sure! hehe  I used thick silver satin ribbon to make them hangable on the chairs.

Wedding Favors (my own wedding)

I had a BALL planning my own wedding! You put my two favorite passions together, party planning and scrapbooking, and BAM, you have me in hog heaven!

I didn't come up with these totally on my own, it was with the help of other bride's websites to provide inspiration! I just took their inspiration and ran with it!

I wanted something our guests might be able to actually make use of, so since it was a Winter-time wedding, hot chocolate it is! (An entire year later, my sweet nephew told me he never got to take one home!! He still wanted one!)

Valentine's Day Card

Here's my Valentine's Day card I made for hubby this year. I didn't intend for it to be quite so PINK, but oh well. LOL

Birthday Card Wallet

Found another cute SVG online to create a cute wallet that you can use as a gift card holder! So I made this for my friend's son's birthday!

Coworker Christmas Gifts

I found a cute SVG file to create coffee cups! So I made mine into hot chocolate cups and stuck packets of hot chocolate in them. I love how they came out!

Father's Day Card

This was a card I made my dad last year. I thought it came out pretty cute considering I was having a hard time figuring out those darned cartidges with the Cricut. (thank God for SCAL)  The actual card front was supposed to read "Happy Dad's Day" (didn't have room to write Father), but once I finished it I laughed and realized it says "Dad's Happy Day" LOL!!! oops. Oh well, he got a kick out of it being Dad's Happy Day. LOL

Niece's 1st Birthday Decorations

I was helping my sister in law with plans for my niece's 1st birthday party, which was mermaid themed. So I decided to do a montage of her 1st year! A picture from each month! We decorated the walls with them! Helps that my niece is so darned photogenic it's just ridiculous!

The pics aren't in order here, but each one has the number of months she was.

(The majority of the designs were SVG files I downloaded. I'm not sure who's sites they came from anymore. Sorry!!!!)

Wedding Guestbook (brother's wedding)

Here is the cover of the guestbook I made for my brother's wedding. Each page inside has engagement photos and areas for signatures and such.

Wedding Favors (brother's wedding)

I made favors for my brother's reception. I wanted them to resemble a deck of playing cards. I thought they came out really cute! We filled them with pillow mints.

Wedding Decor (brother's wedding)

I used the same idea for their wedding as what I used for my own, since it was easy and inexpensive. This time, however, I decided to add dye to the gel beads and man they came out cool!

A floralyte and some gel beads dyed red and voila...a beautiful glowing vase!

Wedding Invites (brother's wedding)

I helped my brother and his fiance with their wedding plans and this is the invite I put together for them. They got married in Vegas.